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Bilngkumu, the Saltwater Crocodile is sacred to the Yalanji people as they believed that in the dreamtime the Bilngkumu walked the land in human form, and the Yalanji people say that if you respect the Bilngkumu they will respect you. You must always be croc wise when you are near the water, just because you can’t see a crocodile, it doesn’t mean there is not one close by. You should always take care when near the water’s edge and never feed wildlife including crocodile.

When fishing on the Bloomfield River you are almost bound to see a Bilngkumu. We believe that when you smell a horrible smell this is a warning sign and we tell everyone to move away from the water’s edge, as the Bilngkumu is nearby. We call the smell biguud, this is when the fish are most likely to stop biting our lines.

Pregnant and breastfeeding woman are told not to sit too close to the water or bank, they should avoid getting in boats as the Elders would say that the Bilngkumu will smell the breast milk and they will come for the woman.

Bilngkumu is the hardest biting animal on earth and is also world’s largest living reptile species, growing to lengths of up to 6m long, and some being unofficially recorded at over 8.5m. Bilngkumu is said to live up to 100 years, and can travel great distances through water.

September to April are crocodile breeding seasons, the female croc will defend their nest aggressively.


When in Croc Country be Croc Wise.

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