How Kuku Bulkaway Got Started

Ranger Program Mental Health

Yuku Baja Muliku runs an Indigenous ranger program on country. Over time we noticed that there were issues retaining our land and sea management staff due to problems with mental health. Many were effected by stress, anxiety and depression.

Telling Our Stories

To ease some of these problems and to promote the wellbeing of our staff we encouraged rangers to share their stories through painting, making tools, drawing or writing stories. Experienced artists in our community supported the program by sharing their skills and techniques with the rangers.

Community Benefit

We quickly saw that this approach was improving morale and helping to keep the rangers at work. There was a significant community benefit because it reduced the strain on their families who had suffered from the loss of income when people could no longer work. Most importantly, the program started to record and share cultural stories and generate quality original artwork from a larger group within our community.

Kuku Bulkaway Launched

At this point, Kuku Bulkaway Arts was launched. We moved into a new office with suitable wall space for displaying the art. The artwork was popular with visitors who recognised the quality and enjoyed supporting local artists.

This program has been a huge success both as an arts project as well as stabilising the ranger program. We now have a team of very experienced rangers as most of our staff have been with us for ten years.

A Model For Supporting Other Ranger Programs

Kuku Bulkaway and Yuku Baja Muliku are encouraging the Department of Environment and QLD Arts to use our project as a model for other communities to nurture their ranger programs whist at the same time celebrate their cultural stories.

Yuku Baja Muliku People - Our Vision

On the coast

Our Land - Our People - OUR FUTURE

We respect the land and sea that defines our community and enriches our quality of life.

We value our families, our people and our community, we respect our Elders. We are strong families with pride and confidence in who we are. We are proud of our culture and our traditions. We stand together on country as one.

We are dedicated to promoting empowerment of people, protection of the environment and respect of cultural diversity.

We provide opportunities for community involvement and provide protection of our cultural sites so that younger generations can benefit from the conservation of the area and maintenance of our culture for many more years to come.

Our main objectives are:

  • To provide a professional service to Traditional Owners in caring for country in accordance with our culture, laws and customs and best practice.
  • To create job opportunities
  • To establish business opportunities and provide support to Traditional Owners in establishing private enterprise.
  • To enhance, promote and develop our business.
  • To provide opportunities for community involvement and promoting empowerment of people.
  • To work professionally with other organisations and government agencies to achieve positive outcomes for the corporation in Land and Sea Management, and business enterprises.