Clive Henderson

Shipton Flats and Jacks Lake Traditional Owner

I am a traditional owner for Shipton’s flat and Jacks Lakes, my Mother comes from Shipton’s Flat which is situated South East of Cooktown and Jacks Lake is my father’s land situated North of Cooktown near Kalpower.

I have lived in Cooktown for most of my life going to school here and learning the traditional ways from my father and uncles.

I have been painting since my school days using stories told to me by my elders as inspiration for my work. Connie and Helen Michael have been my teachers helping me to understand the different styles of painting and how to bring my art alive. I like to tell my story of myself and my family through my paintings taking care of country and sea.

I work as a Ranger for Queensland Parks, this brings me into contact with other indigenous Rangers that work for Land Trusts. We share traditional knowledge on how to care for the land and sea bringing traditional practices forward to heal the land. I enjoy going bush to Cape Melville to work with their Land Trust Rangers. We often share stories told to us by our elders keeping the dreamtime alive.