Peter Kulla Kulla

My name is Peter Kulla Kulla from the Lama Lama and Umpila clan groups, located on the east coast of Cape York near Coen.  I spent most of my life in Bamaga, living with my partner and our 8 children.

I grew up in Coen and Lockhart River, and spent a lot of my younger years living with my grandparents on Yarradin Station, 40km outside of Coen. My Grandad was a drover / stockman, and my Grandmother was a cook. My sister and I were home schooled out on the station in the early years and later we went to Coen School.

My inspiration for my art comes from Albert Namatjira and stories from my country that my elders have taught me and in particular my Grandmother from my father’s side, Lockhart River.

My stories represent a connection to the land and sea country ad my cultural dreamtime and dreaming. I like to paint landscape pictures, my ancestral homelands and traditional stories from my country. Art for me, helps me feel good and light, it lifts my spirit up.


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