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I’m a Gamilaraay/ Bigambul Yinarr (Woman) belonging to Yaba (Carpet Snake), Dhinawan (Emu) & Dhuli (Sand Goanna) Groups from Southern Queensland and the North-West of New South Wales. I live and weave on Guugu Yimidhirr Country, therefore I acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Custodians, past, present and emerging and to all Nations that call this beautiful Country home. My marama-li (weaving- made by hand) techniques are from traditional knowledges of cultural heritage passed down through generations. Language plays an integral role in my cultural practice, as I use my Guni Dhalay, ( Mother’s Tongue) to name and tell my marama-li gaay guwaa-li, (woven stories & messages). Practicing and sharing culture is extremely important to me, as it helps to maintain,revitalise and strengthen cultural identity and reinforce connection to kinship & country. I incorporate contemporary ideas and materials to tell the stories of my people, which cover sky star stories, connection to country, kinship, rivers, land and animals. I have also woven a story touching on colonisation & mission life. I explored this theme through king & queen breast plates that settlers gave to respected Elders, who were Leaders and Diplomats between the two cultures. Marama-li (weaving) connects me to my Spirituality, Culture and Country. Although I weave off country, I maintain our stories and culture through weaving and sharing this knowledge with my Mari Galgaa (People). Not only does weaving strengthen cultural identity and Sisterhood, it is also a form of healing. In 2021, I was invited to showcase my weaving for the first time, in an art exhibition called, “Voices of the Land”, held on Guringai Country, New South Wales Central Coast.

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